insultgenerator's so inert, it anaesthetized the Pompidou

James Cheese | Jun 11, 2019 min read

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Need to insult someone in a unique way, and have access to a Python interpreter? I’ve got you covered…

A few years ago, when I was in a particularly “meh” place (and trying to spend some more time properly packaging Python projects), I built a small library, which splices together some potentially insulting phrases based on some basic wordlists. It supports a few formats - as below:

>>> phrases.get_simple_insult("Your product")
'Your product is sanctimonious'
>>> phrases.get_so_insult("Your product")
"Your product's so shady"
>>> phrases.get_so_insult_with_action("Your product", "it")
"Your product's so discourteous, it relegated"
>>> phrases.get_so_insult_with_action_and_target("Your product", "it")
"Your product's so unresponsive, it unbottled the admiration"

Why use it? Well, it’s probably overkill for whatever you need, but it should work for test data or prototyping - especially if you’re looking for a short negative review…

The code’s MITed, and available on PyPi, so feel free to use it wherever. I’m planning on creating a simple web service for it, but we’ll see how that goes…

Edit: Web API now available